Giuseppe Cusumano was born on 18 November 1998 in Agrigento, Sicily.

From a young age, Giuseppe showed a strong passion for politics and economics.

During his childhood, he was surrounded by bureaucracy, growing up in public offices where his mother worked for years. Meanwhile, his prolific studies led him to pursue his own interests.

During his teenage years, Giuseppe collaborated with Radio RF101, creating successful formats with ever-increasing ratings. The flagship programme, ‘Quelli della Notte, ovvero Speciale per Noi’, surreal and funny, managed to achieve high ratings, even in streaming.

After graduating from the ‘Leonardo’ high school in Agrigento, Giuseppe decided to attend the University of Pisa, where he obtained a degree in Political Science, with a purely economic curriculum. He later obtained a Master’s degree in Business Communication and Human Resources Policy at the University of Pisa with top marks.

During her academic years, she took part in numerous research projects, focusing on understanding economic foundations through educational theatre.

His research interests take into consideration the economies of Sub-Saharan African countries and Asian countries. In addition, the analysis of economic policies, or theories of enterprise have enabled Giuseppe to publish a number of academic articles.

When he is not busy with work, Giuseppe likes to devote himself to music. Ever since he was a child, he has listened to countless songs, becoming a connoisseur of Italian music. Milanese singer-songwriting and the surrealism of Jannacci & co. have marked Giuseppe’s humour. He often plays the guitar, piano and clarinet. He also has a passion for travel and adventure, and every year he tries to visit new destinations around the world.

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