There is a lot of talk these days about aid coming to Italy from some States for Coronavirus. But it will be important to focus on one particular state: Russia. WHICH STATES HAVE HELPED ITALY? Many countries have helped Italy at this time of severe crisis. France and Germany have sent more aid than China. Germany has welcomed some patients from Italy (the first and, until now, the only country to do so). In addition, he sent a shipment of medical aid – including breathing equipment. France has donated, like Germany, 1 million masks and 200,000 protective suits. Austria and the Czech Republic have donated almost 2 million masks. Albania has sent 30 doctors and nurses. In the United States, many private individuals have sent aid to Italy. According to the American embassy of 12.1 million dollars. Donald Trump reiterated that “the government is already helping our country, even “monetarily”. China has sent nine experts to help Italy manage the coronavirus emergency and 31 tons of medical supplies. Cuba sent 52 doctors and nurses. Russia has sent eight medical brigades, in all about 120 men. In truth, they are military specialized in biological weapons. WHY IS RUSSIA AND CHINA VERY SUPPORTIVE? Russia, like China, are very supportive of Italy. Obviously, nothing is given to chance. Already during the 2008 crisis, Russia and China were only helping the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) to destabilise EU power. And in part they succeeded, but the EU resisted the blows. In this crisis, Russia and China are pushing countries in difficulty away from allied countries to make new friends. It’s just geo-politics. Thanks to fake news on social media Russia obscure what the EU and other countries do in favor of Italy and raise the hopes of Italians on Mother Russia. In addition to the communication, there seems to have been some interference in Italian politics with economic aid towards a party. China, on the other hand, does not miss its presence. Politically, there are some questions: why was the Silk Road Agreement signed without informing the EU? Why did the Minister then sign a memorandum giving up the rights of two Italian ports and receiving only one route to export oranges to the world’s largest producer? Why did some politicians have very special meetings with Chinese ambassadors at critical moments in our country? Questions that are easy to answer. Unfortunately, we Italians are not able to make the valets of the strongest countries of the moment, and when they become weak, we will still change allies. Always by the grown-ups. WHAT SHOULD ITALY DO? First, to have a long-term foreign policy project. It is inconceivable that the last politicians to understand the political weight of our state in the international chessboard were Andreotti and Craxi. We must understand that the world will again be composed of two blocs: China and the United States. In ten years’ time, Russia will really show what it is: a great state that believes it is making way between two giants through some false news and some military demonstration. In truth it is a poor country, with the only source of income the export of gas and oil. When the Green Revolution comes, Russia will find itself stranded, with a leader now too old to manage politics and will be abandoned. Italy needs the European Union. What would Italy count between two large blocks? Nothing. A porcelain vase between two iron blocks. We must change everything. First, ourselves. Then, change a European Union where Germany and the Nordic countries are totally Czech and do not understand that their hatred does not facilitate anything. We absolutely must be the first to commit ourselves to a new European Union. United, united and without privileges. We must rediscover our future, together we will be stronger. SOURCES: i) Dati macroeconomici Russia: ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi)

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